Vision & Values Campaign 2022-2023


This year’s annual campaign is focused on our extraordinary community and opportunities to enhance learning through investments in technology, infrastructure, and programming that will elevate our students’ experience.

Our giving culture is an important part of our school fabric and essential to creating the Rundle experience for all of our students. As with most independent schools, tuition doesn’t doesn’t cover the entire cost of educating our students so we rely on our community to support the initiatives that make our school so special.

We invite you to support Vision & Values 22-23 by donating to one of this year’s funds or the program of your choice. Every gift is meaningful and contributes to providing the best possible learning experience for your child.

Thank you for your support!


We are excited to announce that Rundle has been invited to participate, for a third year in a row, in the Shaw Birdies for Kids Program (BFK), presented by AltaLink. All donations made to Rundle through the Shaw Donation Portal will be matched up to 50%, now through to the end of August 2023. This year, funds raised with BFK will be directed towards our annual Vision & Values Campaign – Academy and College Campus Funds, which will support the purchase of Viewboard technology for our Academy classrooms and the redesign of our College Jr. High Science Lab.

Where we need your support

COLLEGE 7–9 SCIENCE LAB | $150,000

At Rundle, we are educating future engineers, researchers, medical professionals, and many more within the science community. Providing students today with state-of-the-art tools in a dynamic learning environment, will help establish their confidence and ability to achieve success. Your donations to this year’s College Campus Fund will support the redesign and renovation of our junior high science lab.

*Below images are possible design renderings only.

I envision an open, inviting space where movement and learning is flexible and fluid, with an ease of convenience and comfort switching from lessons to labs.


Julie Bohay, College Jr High Science Teacher


We would like to show our appreciation through this continuing recognition opportunity. With your gift of $20,000 (optionally pledged over four years), you will receive a recognition plaque proudly displaying your family name outside of our new College 7–9 Science Lab or any College classroom needing enhancements.

*Donor recognition of a classroom or other space will remain for 10 years or until the use of the facility is changed such that it must be demolished, substantially renovated, rebuilt or designated for another use. Rundle College Society maintains the right to remove any name if it is likely to have a negative impact on the image or reputation of Rundle College Society.


We would like to equip all of our Academy classrooms with this new interactive board technology, which engages students in learning 21st-century skills. Touch screens allow our students to directly participate in lessons by moving or manipulating objects, filling in responses, and demonstrating their knowledge in collaboration with their peers. This innovative technology makes learning more multimodal, engaging, and rewarding. Raising our goal of $110,000 would allow us to purchase an additional 20 Viewboards – one for every classroom.

The touch screen has been a hit – our students love participating in lessons by moving objects during sorting and matching activities, as well as eagerly volunteering to fill in blanks and demonstrate their knowledge in front of the class.

Taryn Rottaire, Academy Grade 4 Teacher

BURSARY FUND | $85,000

Our student bursary program provides financial assistance to current students requiring a bursary to maintain their enrollment at Rundle. Our bursary program is largely funded by charitable donations and wouldn’t be possible without the support of our community. Every gift made to the Bursary Fund creates an impact, allowing students in need to continue their educational journey with us.

We are beyond blessed to have received bursary funding this year to help keep our son at Rundle, where he has experienced unparalleled positive changes in his life, and in his prospects. I wish there were more I could say than thank you. You have changed our lives with your generosity, and we look forward to giving back to the community in every way that we can.

Bursary Recipient Family


We are happy to continue to offer our community the opportunity to create a Named Family Endowment Fund. This is a wonderful way to contribute to a Rundle program that is especially meaningful to you, by establishing a fund that provides an ongoing gift that benefits tuition assistance or a particular program. Your gift of $35,000 to create your family’s endowment fund can be pledged over a five-year period.

For more information, please visit our Named Giving page.


Support for our Rundle Studio is directed towards additional programming and resources for our online learners. For more information on making a gift to the Studio program please contact us at giving@rundle.ab.ca.


The Head of School Fund allows donors to make unrestricted donations to Rundle. Our Head of School designates these funds to support areas of greatest need, such as Rundle community grants and program enrichment.

*Please note that if the intended use of a solicited donation is not feasible, the donation will be used in Rundle College’s general operations, programs, future capital projects not yet specified and/or area of greatest need.