Student working at home.

Life at Rundle Studio

A New Approach to Online Learning

It’s time to be innovative in education.

At Rundle Studio, we:

  • Think about online learning differently;
  • Know your child learns differently, and teach them accordingly;
  • Shatter families’ expectations about what students with learning disabilities can achieve;
  • Prioritize small classes and a personalized experience for each student; and
  • Use technology such as VR and the metaverse to aid students learning.

We’ve built the Studio on the success of our Academy program and have brought that to an interactive, online environment. Watch your child thrive in a program tailored to their needs.

Learn about the magic of Rundle Studio as the Hope family shares their experience since joining the school in the fall of 2021.

Who is a Studio student?

While all of our students are celebrated for their individuality, they also share some common attributes.

A Studio student:

  • is entering grade 7–10 in September 2023;
  • has complex learning requirements, that may or may not include a mild or moderate diagnosed learning disability, ADHD, ASD, anxiety, gifted learning status, or requiring a modified schedule*.
  • has average to above-average intelligence; capable of achieving grade-level Alberta curriculum with accommodations, however not modified.
  • is looking for an academic program focused on continued learning at the post-secondary level;
  • has access to high-speed wifi; consistently greater than 15 mbps; and
  • has positive character traits, showing kindness to others, and embracing a sense of community.

*Please reach out to our admissions team to clarify further if the Rundle Studio is appropriate for your child.

Rundle parents support our programs which further enrich and strengthen the Rundle community. There are various volunteer opportunities available to our parents from supervising online activities, volunteering for esports events, to organizing special lunches and online scholastic book fairs. As with any new school, there will be additional opportunities where parent volunteers will be needed.

Program Objectives & Pillars

Support & Skills

Studio students gain:

  • executive functioning skills and strategies including advocacy
  • academic accommodations
  • remediation including reading, writing, and numeracy
  • communication skills
  • parent support and follow up including academic reporting updates and IPPs

A Studio Overview

John Wolf, Principal of Rundle Studio, tells the story of how the school started and could be a fit for your child.